What security items are provided during the tours?

During the tours, we provide helmet and gloves, which are mandatory for all our tours. The guide always carries a first aid kit and cell phone. In case of Multiday tours, satellite telephone, trauma kit and oxygen (for excursions over 3500 m.a.s.l.). This items are carried in the vehicle support, this is because most part of them are done in remote locations, far of medical centers. We always request to all our passengers fill a medical form and some personal data for the insurance, which is included in all our tours.

What kind of skills level do I need for the tours?

We designed some easy tours around Tilcara that are acceptable to people of any fit level, but you must have at least some skills on the bike. For Multi day tours, we recommend that before travelling with us, get on your bike as much as possible, we are sure that you will enjoy more your tour.

I’m traveling alone, there is any solo option?

All our day tours around Tilcara can be done with just one person. We have a minimum of participants for our Multi day tours, please ask us availability in advance

I´m travelling with my kids, there is any family tour?

Half day tours around Tilcara with kids over 13 years old with their parents company or with a written permission can be done.

I want to visit some places that aren´t in their programs, it can be done by bike?

Of course it is. We try to provide a personalized service and meet the expectations of our passengers. We offer tailor-made programs on the requirements of our passengers.

I am traveling with my own bike. Can I do a tour with you?

Any person can do a tour with us if is bringing their own bike. We suggest that multi-day excursions do so. The important thing is that your bike is in perfect mechanical condition and count with at least front suspension, brakes in good working order. It´s essential a good quality bike in perfect working order. This is the responsibility of the participant. During the tours we always carry some spare parts, but if the bike has any specific equipment then the participant must bring their own tools and spare parts.

How is the accommodation during Multi day tours?

Most of our Multi day tours that we offer are done in remote areas and that is why we try to find the best option in each place to rest. Often the accommodation is in family homes, in mountain refuges, or in the case of not having the other two the accommodation is in tents. We believe that the real essence is to share with local people their customs, their life and give them an economic aid to the families in the places we visited.

What kind of food do you offer during the tours?

Snacks are included in all our tours. It basically consists on fresh fruit, cereal bars, chocolat and mineral water. During our full day and multi-day tours, the options are varied. We offer typical local foods and home cooking. Please ask us if you have any specific diet, allergy to any food or if you are vegetarian or celiac.

How is the weather in Jujuy?

The influence of the altitude in the province of Jujuy give us a varied climate through the year. In regions like Puna and Quebrada de Humahuaca the climate is semi-arid with a wide range of temperature between day and night (+20 ° C during the day and between +10 ° C and +5 ° C during summer nights and between 0 ° C and -10 ° C during winter nights).
In these regions there is a marked humid season during the summer months, but the rest of the year is very dry. The wind is usual during afternoon.
In the Valleys and Yungas regions the climate is temperate and subtropical, there isn´t a wide range of temperature and its average temperature is +19 ° C to +25 ° C respectively. The rainy season is in summer, but during the rest of the year there may be an scattered rain and thunderstorms. Occasionally in winter falls snow on the mountain areas.

Is there any hiking?

There are some panoramic viewpoints, waterfalls, archaeological sites, etc. that is not possible to do by bike. We recommend you bring comfortable shoes for a little walk.

What about altitude sickness?

Most of our tours are done at an average height of 2000 meters above sea level, and in some cases are done at higher altitude. We suggest keep your body well fed and hydrated before arriving. It can help if you arrive a couple of days before the tour to acclimatize, avoid alcohol and drink coca tea.

What is your cancellation policy?

Day Tours: In case of cancellation 12 hrs prior the tour, it won´t have any charge. If you made a deposit in our bank account we will hold a 10% in concept of administrative charges.
Cancellation less than 12 hrs prior the tour, you will forfeit the full price of the tour.
Multi day Tours: In case of cancellation 10 days prior the tour, it won´t have any charge. If you made a deposit in our bank account we will hold a 10% in concept of administrative charges.
Cancellation between the 10 days and 72 hrs prior the tour, you will forfeit the deposit, it is a 50% of the full price of the tour.
Cancellation less than 72 hrs prior the tour, you will forfeit the full price of the tour.
Jujuy en Bici reserves the right to cancel, replace or reroute any tour in case of weather conditions, trail / road conditions, insufficient number of participants or unforeseen conditions that could put on risk any participant or interfere with our tour developing.

Suggested equipment for day tours in Tilcara

Suggested equipment for multi-day Tours: