About Us

To start talking about us, there is always the same question ...
What makes us different? The answer is simple, we are locals, we´re from Jujuy, we know the roads and trails, we know people and we love the place where we live.
We´re professionals in tourism, in recent years we have been working in travel agencies, hotels, such as trekking guides and in rural community tourism projects.

We design our tours for enthusiastic and adventurous people, looking for learn about the landscape around them and interested in learning about the history and customs of its people.
Our priorities are to provide a quality service, safety and protect the environment in which we develop this activity.
Our commitment to nature and the communities we visit is to generate the least possible negative impact, that´s why we work with small groups.
We know that many of the landscapes speak for themselves, but ride your bike trough them with a guide will be enriching and a different experience.


Belgrano 472, Tilcara, Jujuy, Argentina
Phone: +54 9388 5045335